When Trouble Finds You, You Adopt It! – Laceweight


“When Trouble Finds You, You Adopt It!” is a kettle-dyed mix of yellows, amber, silver, cream, steel gray, with black speckles.

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You are purchasing a hank of kettle-dyed speckled yarn. This yarn will produce a beautiful project.

The colorway: “When Trouble Finds You, You Adopt It!” Here at Groovy Hues, we have never experienced a week like this with such low lows, and such high highs. We lost our sweet baby kitty, Turtle, to sudden severe kidney failure. The very same night, like something out of a storybook, a gorgeous gray cat showed up on our porch, demanded to come in, and wouldn’t leave. It took us all week, but we did end up adopting her. Her name is Trouble, and she lives up to the name. This is her colorway! It is full of creams, blue-gray, silver, tawny amber, yellows, and overall black speckles.

Yarn Base:

Lightly Groovin’ Laceweight–100g  875d – 80/20% Superwash Merino/Mulberry Silk 2-ply, textured yarn


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Weight .25 oz


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